Presentation Folders




Custom Mini & Pocket Folders For Your Marketing Materials & Business Needs

Folders are useful in all kinds of businesses. You can customize them to hand out as presentation folders or marketing kits. Doing this increase the chances of promoting your brand identity. They’re also used to hold your loose documents together for easy storage and for review when needed. Folders are usually used in conjunction with filing cabinets. Most of them have a tab for labeling purposes. The name of a folder usually describes its content. Maximizing this opportunity to create custom folders for your brand is also a great idea to increase awareness. You just have to make them look professional yet attractive to capture your audience’s attention.


Blue Cup Media offers different folder options for your business folder needs. We have pocket folder printing and mini folder printing. Both types of folders serve different purposes but are also great as branding tools for your business. These are also perfect to keep your files and documents organized as well as great marketing kit to gather your business materials for branding.


For our folder printing services, our turnaround time for pocket folders is from 3 to 4 business days and 4 to 6 business days for mini folders. Turnaround time is the amount of time needed before order is up and ready for shipping. It starts the minute you’ve placed an order and have it verified.

For further assistance and other services we offer, please call 1-408-980-9704.


PLEASE NOTE: Front Artwork = Outside File, Back Artwork = Inside File.

Our UV presentation folders are available with UV coating on the front/outside area of the folder and on the pockets. The inside/insert area of the folder will not be coated with UV.

All Matte/Dull products will be printed with a matte coating on both sides.


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